Photo: Daniel Crow

I am interested in the need humans have had throughout history to lose themselves in ecstatic experience through music, sex, religion, drugs or near brushes with death.

I am intrigued by the relationship between the public and the private self, the conscious and the subconscious mind and how these connect with our basic human drives to affect behaviour.

I experiment with the power of suggestion and mix drawing with painting and figuration with abstraction, censoring and revealing imagery to create a dramatic struggle, tension and movement in the composition.

Since graduating with a BA Honors in Fine Art from Wimbledon School of Art in 2004, Richardson has split her time between her fine art practice and performing in the band, Band Of Skulls.

Born in Southampton in 1982 Richardson currently works and lives in her hometown.


Meat Me At The Butchers - May 2008
Limited Press Gallery, Southampton

Cruising' For A Bruisin' - February 2012
Londonewcastle Project Space, East London

Feast - March 2014
Lazarides, The Outsiders Gallery, Soho, London

One Day Retrospective - July 2018
The Arches Gallery Space, Southampton


Daydreaming With....The Hong Kong Edition - June 2012
Artis Tree, Hong Kong

The Last Picture Show - 2012
The Bargate Gallery, Southampton

Art 13 London - 2013
Pertwee, Anderson & Gold

Art 14 London - 2014